Adventures at Centralia College

We’d love to hear your stories of how Centralia College has impacted your life … who was your favorite teacher? What is your fondest memory? Please send your story along with a current photo and we just might use it in one of our publications … send to … I am looking forward to hearing from you!



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  1. It was so nice to hear your memories. Thanks for sharing them. There are a lot of changes taking place on campus. The newly rennovated Health & Wellness Center will have it’s grand opening on January 10th. You are welcome to come!

  2. Jim Ishihara, class of '66 December 10, 2008 — 8:08 am

    I was pleased to read the article about Coach Gablehouse in the December 2008 NEXUS. Sure brought back pleasant memories of an enjoyable but somewhat unfocused period of my life. I had spent my first quarter (fall of 1964) of college at Columbia College in Pasco on a football scholarship. This was a real life session for me. This was my first time away from home without mom to feed me or wash my clothes, football was a notch tougher in college, and I was running out of money because the scholarship and part-time job was not enough to make ends meet. So being “bummed out”, I decided to swallow my pride and come home and attend Centralia College which was close to home in Tumwater. I enrolled in Coach Gablehouse’s PE basketball class and had a blast; the next fall our intramural flag football team consisting mostly of Tumwater HS alums tied for the league championship. Playing flag football quarterback with my old high school buddies was invigorating and fun. Coach was the organizer and referee of this intramural program and we all had a blast! Coach talked me into trying out for the CC varsity basketball team in the fall of 1965 so I gave it a shot and surprisingly made the team. During that period of time in our country’s history all men of my age needed to think seriously about possible military service due to what was going on in Vietnam; so I applied for a Navy Officer program. The application process conflicted with our basketball schedule so I had a talk with Coach about it; he whole heartedly encouraged me to apply and not to worry about missed games or practices. I still ended up with a tour in Vietnam but I also continued to serve for a total of 33 years in the Naval Reserve and achieved the rank of Captain. I also had a rewarding career in the Navy and Public Health Service designing and constructing schools, hospitals and clinics.

    A lot of what Coach Gablehouse taught stuck with me. He never got too high when we were winning or too low when we were losing a game. He was very deliberate and unemotional in his discussions with his players on how we had to execute; we either did as he said or we ultimately had difficulties on the floor; he never screamed or hollered at his players. He was an excellent example for young men to follow and was quite successful as a coach those years. We went to State in the 65/66 basketball season; unfortunately got eliminated early but the experience was memorable. In hindsight, I wished I had been more focused and contributed to the team more but it was a lesson that I soon learned that “you get out what you put in”. I still have pleasant memories of being on the team and being a tough practice player to make the starters better. Centralia College for me was a great place to go and excellent preparation for the UW

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