Two new semi-private rooms added!

We have added two more semi-private rooms for your midpoint stay at Centralia College. In our newly remodeled gym, we now have two semi-private rooms for groups of up to 10 and 12.  The smaller room is $325 and will easily house 10 riders and the larger room is $350 and will hold 12 or more riders.   And–you are  just down the hall from the restrooms & showers and will have your own private space to rest and relax in!  These large spacious rooms are newly carpeted and you will be able to bring your bikes into these rooms with you! Please check our STP website for all the info on STP midpoint at Centralia College. If you have any questions email or call me at 360 736-9391, ext. 605. Have a great ride!!



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  1. Hi Sarah,
    You may register in the gym for an indoor spot for just $30 and that includes a towel and showers. The form for that is on our STP web site under housing – Check it out!
    The CC STP info can be found at

  2. Hi there,
    I am riding on my own. Is it possible to reserve a space without paying the whole $325 for 11 other riders?
    Or, can you recommend another option for me?



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