Not Just Correspondence Anymore!

Centralia College announces the latest innovation in eLearning: eCorrespondence!  Once you’ve enrolled in an eCorrespondence class, you have the ultimate flexibility.  An eCorrespondence class is completely self-paced and you have two quarters to complete the course.  Also, you can register for an eCorrespondence class up through the 35th class day, which is July 23rd for summer quarter!

 eCorrespondence classes are accessible via the Angel Learning Management System.  If you’ve taken an online, hybrid, or web-enhanced class you may already be familiar with Angel.  eCorrespondence is different from online classes.  Online classes have due dates, you must regularly login to class every week, and you have to finish the course in one quarter.  With the addition of eCorrespondence, you have even more choices to help you balance your busy schedule.  

In eCorresondence, you can access your course materials, turn in assignments and access supplementary resources 24/7 from any computer with Internet access.  If you’d like to access your courses from the campus, you may do so from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. either in the computer commons in Washington Hall or in the library. 

Gloria Price has been teaching online and correspondence classes for almost ten years.  She is enjoying the change to eCorrespondence because it allows her to connect with all of her students, not only her face-to-face and online students.  She says,

 In eCorrespondence, I like that I can work directly with students without having to go through a coordinating office.  Using the Angel system, I can initiate direct contact, keep in touch with students regarding their course work, and easily communicate back and forth with every student.  It’s more personal.

To find out if eCorrespondence is right for you, ask your advisor, stop by the Counseling Center, or come by the eLearning office in the library building.

 eLearning can be contacted at x374 or


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