No script, one take

For the two of you out there that are enjoying Sue’s Friday Message, here another one.

And, being true to the message of this video, Sue walked into my office, made this video in one take and then headed out for an appointment (still wearing the microphone!). 



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  1. Dawn Sweetingham May 5, 2009 — 6:25 pm

    “Courageous suckiness” turned both my children into muscians, me into a teacher and many of my students into real learners. Go courage! Go suckiness!

  2. I do love “creative suckiness.” It will be my new mantra, including in my halting learning of Angel.

    I always tell students that “mis-take” is just what it says–a “missed” “take,” so try again, having learned from the first (second, third, etc.) try.

    But “ceative suckiness” sounds so much more hip.


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