Explore Open Educational Resources

Recently I was invited to talk to our probationary faculty about open educational resources.   I was happy to outline the context for why this is becoming an appealing option, not only to reduce costs for students and the college, but more importantly to improve teaching and learning.  You will hear more about this topic in the coming months.

Basically, open educational resources (OER) are digitally available resources that can be accessed, adopted, and adapted for use in diverse learning environments for little or no monetary cost.  These could be complete textbooks, learning modules, PowerPoint slides, movies, filmed lectures, etc. 

Whether you are faculty, a student, or just someone interested in learning about different topics, I encourage you to explore some of the material that is available, much of it high quality.   You can start by checking out these resources that Cable Green, the eLearning director at the state board, put together for a recent presentation on OER.

Got questions?  Leave a comment here.


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