Stephanie Schiele, ASCC President

Stephanie Schiele
Stephanie Schiele

As the ASCC (Associated Students of Centralia College) president, it is my pleasure to welcome you all to Centralia College.

My experience this past year at Centralia College has been absolutely amazing. By becoming involved in just one club I have grown immensely as an individual, as a community member, and as a leader. As a first generation college student, I joined Student Support Services (SSS) and TRiO, and because of the significant support offered through these programs I decided to join the TRiO Club and return the favor. Through the club’s endeavors I have met many community members, students and faculty who were dedicated to lending a helping hand to those in need.

These positive experiences have led to friendships, a better understanding of myself, and the knowledge that involvement can change lives. Because of this, I encourage you to consider joining one of the various clubs, organizations or committees here on campus. There are many athletic events you can attend at home or away to cheer on your Blazers, as well as theatrical performances and lively SAAT (Student Activities and Admissions Team) activities to keep you connected also.

Starting college in spring quarter, I missed out on a great opportunity for freshmen students called CC101. This new student orientation offered just prior to the start of fall quarter gives new students an introduction to college life here at Centralia College. Faculty and staff members, as well as the ASCC and SAAT offer workshops, campus tours, tips on college life and the opportunity to meet other new students. I urge you to take advantage of the opportunity that CC101 offers, and make college a little easier for yourself.

I am excited to be representing you, the Associated Students of Centralia College this year. I plan to attend leadership training this summer and will be working to organize and formulate new projects for Student Government, as well as working on the Strategic Plan from last year’s team. Campus sustainability, campus smoking designations and open source textbooks are issues we will continue to attack. If you have any questions, suggestions, or simply just want to talk, the Student Government office is located in room 126 in the Student Center near the cafeteria. I look forward to meeting you all, and hope you fully enjoy your time here at Centralia College.

Best of Fortunes!


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