Gerardo Gomez

Gerardo GomezGerardo Gomez has his sights set on becoming a Certified Public Accountant and Centralia College is the school that will give him the boost he needs to reach that goal. He would be the first in his family to earn a college degree. That is motivation for him and those who encourage him.

Gerardo’s family migrated from Mexico when he was very young and settled in the Mossyrock area. After graduating from Mossyrock High School he made the decision to attend Centralia College to work toward his education and career goals.

His father operated a retail nursery enterprise, working on weekends, and Gerardo helped. He found that the bookkeeping side of the business was a part of the operation that got him excited.

“It was the part of his business that I really enjoyed. Watching my dad work got me thinking about a career. Now I want to become a CPA,” Gerardo said. While in high school he was able to spend a day with a CPA as part of a college program and that experience cemented the deal.

Coming to Centralia College was a decision that made sense.

“My family is important and they want me to stay close to home. Besides, coming here will save money,” Gomez said, demonstrating his practical side. “I came from a small school and I don’t think I was ready to go to a bigger school right out of high school.” Centralia College’s accounting program is strong and provides an excellent academic foundation for those who plan to go into the field.

“There is a lot of work in accounting but the instructors are really good at explaining concepts. They work with me to be sure I understand. Besides, this is something I enjoy,” Gomez said.

He does plan to transfer to the University of Washington. Gomez received two scholarships, which will go a long way toward covering the expenses of his first two years.

“I am able to set my studies as my first priority,” Gomez said.

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