CC student is Harvard bound

Lillian Albright will study at Harvard University this fall.
Lillian Albright will study at Harvard University this fall.

Lillian Albright was destined to begin her college career at Centralia College. Her mother Hyesoo Albright has worked at the college library since 1990, and her brother, famed classical pianist Charlie Albright, is a 2007 graduate. In fact, Lillian’s baby shower was held in the Centralia College library nearly 19 years ago.

Though it may have been predetermined that Lillian would attend Centralia College, what she did with the opportunity is quite another matter for this determined and extremely bright young lady. At the age of 16, Lillian began her educational career at the college as a Running Start student, attending classes to earn her high school diploma, while also attending more advanced classes in chemistry, math, and English to earn her associate degree.

She graduated this June with a perfect 4.0 GPA, and was named a 2014 Outstanding Student by the college. Lillian was also named co-valedictorian for her class at Centralia High School.

The next step in Lillian’s education will be a big one; she has received a full-ride scholarship to attend the very prestigious Harvard University in Boston, Mass., this fall.

“I couldn’t have done it without the help of several professors, Dr. Ruby, Pat Pringle, and Dr. Weil to name a few, but I’m especially grateful to my Running Start counselor Peggy Goldberg,” said Lillian. “She is so kind and caring, and I am so thankful for the help and support she provided so I could achieve my dream of going to Harvard.”

While Harvard may be the oldest university in the nation, Lillian credits her time at the oldest college in Washington State as the reason she is prepared to attend such a prestigious school.

“Centralia College will always be home for me,” said Lillian. “I couldn’t have imagined going to any other college. My time here has set me up to be successful at the university level.”


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