Student is on fast-track to state patrol

John Meyers is working towards a career with the Washington State Patrol.
John Meyers is working towards a career with the Washington State Patrol.

Centralia College student John Meyers is proving a strong work ethic can yield huge results in a relatively short amount of time.

A graduate of Winlock High School, Meyers began his studies in the criminal justice program at Centralia College during summer 2013.  By the end of that fall, he expressed a sincere desire to pursue a career in law enforcement with the Washington State Patrol.

Knowing that the state patrol hires cadets as young as 19, Greg Gilbertson, an associate professor of criminal justice at Centralia College, spent the next several months guiding Meyers through the WSP application process. Meyers juggled the challenging application while taking up to 20 credits per quarter in Centralia College’s accelerated criminal justice degree program and working part-time as a logger.

After nearly nine months of extremely hard work, Meyers has successfully completed the WSP application and is presently awaiting an offer of employment.

“I have no doubt John will be hired by the Washington State Patrol and become a tremendous state trooper,” said Gilbertson. “He is a remarkable young man.”

Meyers is one of many criminal justice students earning their associate degree in just 15 months – jump-starting their careers a full year ahead of most other programs.

“The criminal justice program has dozens of students that are presently pursuing similar academic paths and realizing their dreams of careers in public service,” added Gilbertson.  “Washington State Patrol is projecting up to 400 trooper vacancies over the next several years, but it is not the only agency or employer seeking qualified applicants in the criminal justice or social service fields. Jobs are plentiful in Washington and throughout the country in criminal justice at this time and for the foreseeable future.”

For more information about a career in criminal justice, contact Gilbertson at 360-736-9391 ext. 663 or


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