Free Lyceum lectures offered this fall

Lyceum Lecture SeriesCentralia College proudly presents another round of the Lyceum lecture series this fall.

This one-credit lecture series is open to the public and features weekly lunchtime lectures on a variety of topics. This fall’s lineup tackles issues of social change, religious values, health, green living and much more!

To sign up, register for 3476 Humanities 284A. Classes are held from 1 to 1:50 p.m. Wednesday in Washington Hall, Room 103.

Sept. 24           Introduction to Class – Dr. Jody Peterson

Oct. 1               Cambodia

Centralia College faculty members Dr. Steve Norton and Dr. Greg van Alstyne will speak of their 25-day exploration of Cambodia this summer.

Oct. 8               Hinduism: A Way of Life in Washington

Cultural scholar Ratna Roy will lead a discussion on some of the tenets and history of Hinduism, the world’s third largest religion, and explore its presence and impact in our state.

Oct. 15             Changing Perspectives on Human Trafficking

Presenter Khurshida Begum is a survivor of human trafficking and one of the founders of A.S.H.H.O. (Advocate-Serve-Honor-Humanity-Organize), an organization that confronts and combats all forms of human trafficking.

Oct. 22             Stress: Basic Tools to Manage in our Daily Lives

Learn to recognize common stress symptoms and learn some really basic tools to manage your stress. Presented by Carrie Johnson, a faculty member at Centralia College.

Oct. 29                       Miss Wheelchair America

Be inspired by Jennifer Adams, the 2014 Miss Wheelchair America. Born with partial limbs, Jennifer considers her struggles a gift, allowing her to learn that fulfillment and purpose can only be found when we push beyond our limitations.

Nov. 5             Keep Your Food – and Money – Out of the Trash

The average American wastes 209-254 pounds of edible food each year, costing a family of four about $130 a month. Gabby Bryne from the Thurston County Solid Waste Program will provide tips on how to waste less food.

Nov. 12                        La Causa

In the late 1960’s, Latin American farm workers fought for civil rights, and battled racism and indecent working conditions. Experience this chapter of American history as one young woman fights to see her people free of poverty. Presented by Living Voices .

Nov. 19                       Cultural Kaleidoscope

The colors, flavors, sights and sounds of another country reflect similarities and differences from our own. Hear international students discuss their cultures and travels, and their challenges in the U.S.

Nov. 26                       NO CLASS

Dec. 3             To Be Announced



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