New photo exhibit debuts

Bubble Boy by Lisa Kohlmeier
Bubble Boy by Lisa Kohlmeier

Centralia College is kicking off fall quarter with a new art art exhibit in Washington Hall.

Through Oct. 24, the photography of Lisa Kohlmeier is on display. Kohlmeier is a classroom aide in the college’s Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program, a state-funded preschool program on campus. She is also an accomplished artist and photographer.

IMG_4989“My passion for photography, and the pleasure of creating these images, comes in many forms. As an artist, I am unconventional,” she said of her work. “I have no agenda, I have no particular theme, and I tend to make my own rules!”

Her inspiration comes from many sources and she tends to let moments define themselves.

“Photography is a means, for me, of capturing this life in its many forms of light, and to create art from its gift. A moment in time- captured for eternity,” she said.

The gallery in Washington Hall features a rotating collection of art exhibits. Admission is free and open to all.


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