Get inside info on engineering jobs

Centralia College presents its first Rising Tide Seminar for fall quarter.

An Insider’s Guide to Navigating Today’s Engineering Market

By Tyrell Bradley

Noon Friday, Oct. 24

Walton Science Center, Room 121

Reception will follow at 1 p.m. in Room 309


Tyrell Bradley earned an associate degree in the Civil Engineering Technology program at Centralia College in 2007 and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at St. Martin’s University in 2011. He worked for several years as a design engineer at Skillings Connolly, Inc., a consulting engineering and environmental firm. In February, he joined SCJ Alliance Consulting Services, a transportation planning and design firm. He also teaches in the School of Engineering at St. Martin’s University.

Bradley will discuss his journey to become an engineer and provide insider tips for young engineers starting out in the field. He will also focus on how new software is changing the methods and efficiency of engineering companies, and share his perspective on the competitive environment in which companies hire new engineers.


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