Free Lyceum lectures at CC

Centralia College’s Lyceum Lecture Series is a one-credit class that is free and open to community. Guests can attend any or all of the lectures.

All lectures are held at 1 p.m. Wednesdays in Washington Hall, Room 103.


Winter Quarter Lyceum Lectures

Jan. 7          Overview of Class – Dr. Jody Peterson


Jan. 14       The Right to Dream

The Right to Dream recreates a student’s coming of age as an African American in Mississippi during the 1950s and 1960s. This Living Voices program illuminates the issues of civil rights, leading audiences to understand how the fight against prejudice has shaped our history.


Jan. 21       Beekeeping in Africa

Centralia College professor Susanne Weil spent fall quarter in Africa teaching beekeeping. She will share her experience.


Jan. 28       Trekking with the Snow Leopard

Steve Caskey will share his experience searching for the mysterious snow leopard in the mountains of Nepal. He will share his adventure through reflection and photos.


Feb. 4       The Garissa Youth Project – Musings of an Aspiring Librarian Living as an American Soldier in Rural Kenya

Leah Hannaford, Centralia College’s open education librarian, will present her work with the Garissa Youth Project in Kenya in 2010. The project was an open education initiative to teach youth in the northeastern province of Kenya skills to start their own businesses and obtain suitable jobs.


Feb. 11      Reconsidering Disney: Negative Messages in Our Favorite Animated Films

Most people consider animated Disney films to be the perfect entertainment for children. Theresa Waliezer, assistant professor of English at Centralia College, will point out negative and problematic unspoken messages that exist in these films.


Feb. 18      Defeating Racism Today: What Does it Take?

Eva Abram will explore how the painful experiences of slavery might ultimately support the pride and achievements of contemporary African Americans, and how the invisible divide of racism continues to exist. Co-sponsored by the Humanities Washington.


Feb. 25       Centralia College Jazz Band


March 4     We are all Broadcasters: The Ethics of Sharing on the Web

The windows of social networking have given us the opportunity and ability to share information with the whole world. Learn tips and tricks for confirming online news and information before hitting the share button. Melissa Williams, Centralia College instructor, will lead this presentation.


March 11    Maya Temples of Mexico

Centralia College art professor Liz Frey will present on the ancient Maya temples she visited in Mexico while on her sabbatical. She will show pictures and talk about the background information about their discovery, the breaking of the glyph “code” and the history revealed once the glyphs were deciphered.


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