CC welcomes new recruiter

Mike Christensen
Mike Christensen

It’s easy to see why Michael Christensen is the perfect student recruitment and outreach coordinator for Centralia College. With his friendly smile and natural enthusiasm, he reaches out to high school students, encouraging them to consider Centralia College. His excitement is contagious.

“I love informing students about opportunities that exist here. When I see someone who doesn’t realize college is a possibility, I help them turn that into an actuality,” he said.

Christensen walks students step by step through the recruitment process, from application through registration. Although Christensen has only been working at the college since October, already he has noticed the high quality of education at Centralia College and is eager to tell students about the spectacular faculty, unique programs, student life and amazing college experiences—all at a price lower than other state colleges.

Drawn to Centralia College by the wonderful opportunities and great potential, Christensen and his wife decided to settle here. Taking advantage of that wonderful opportunity, Christensen’s wife, Rachael is now a student at Centralia College.

Originally from Rock Springs, Wyoming, Christensen served as a student ambassador at Western Wyoming Community College, where he earned his associate degree. After transferring to Evergreen State College, he graduated in 2013 with his bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in history. While attending Evergreen, Christensen served as an intern in the Washington State Legislature for Representatives Sam Hunt and Kathy Haigh. He later worked as a campaign field organizer for Congressman Denny Heck.

Prior to coming to Centralia College, Christensen worked for the Boy Scouts of America in Snohomish County. As their district executive, he raised funds, increased membership and trained volunteers. Now at home in his office in the Counseling Center, it’s clear Christensen is passionate about his new job. When he isn’t out recruiting students, he enjoys spending time outdoors and reading.

To contact Christensen or to schedule a campus tour, call 360-736-9391, ext. 799.

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