Renovated Diesel Tech space debuts

Diesel Tech building
Diesel Technology lab building

Students enrolled in the Diesel Technology programs at Centralia College are enjoying a newly remodeled building with better ventilation, wireless internet, a large screen and projector, and a new tool room.

Updated and modernized, the new shop accommodates the specialized classes needed for Centralia College’s new bachelor’s degree in Diesel Technology. For example, the Internal Combustion Fuels and Power Generation and Maintenance courses allow students to work with a variety of fuels and set up generators to perform load tests indoors. In the old shop, such courses would not have been possible.

Designed as a “smart” classroom, the new shop also comes equipped with wireless internet, a large screen, and a projector, allowing instructors to connect a computer to engines and project those images to the whole class.

One of the highlights of the remodel is the new tool room, complete with a service counter at the end of the new shop. Now servicing both the Diesel and Welding programs, the tool room provides secure storage for specialized tools, laptops, connectors and heavy tools.

Interestingly, the newly remodeled space has come full circle for the college. Originally built as a shop in the 80s, the space was later converted to classrooms in the 90s. Today the building once again houses a diesel shop—complete with the tools and technology to provide excellent hands-on training.

For more information, see Diesel Equipment Technology associate program and Diesel Technology bachelor program.

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