CC funds student research

Funding is now available for 2015 Capstone Projects through the Centralia College Foundation

2014 Capstone Projects
2014 Capstone Projects

The Centralia College Foundation has approved $10,000 to fund student research projects in 2015. The funds can be used to complete Capstone Projects across all disciplines. Up to $500 may be available for an individual or $2,500 for a group.

Students may apply for funds now. To be considered, students need faculty approval for their project. They must also create a budget, describe their project and its benefit to the college or community. Applications will be due to the Foundation office by March 13. Awards will be announced by April 14.

For more information, contact the Centralia College Foundation at 360-736-9391, ext. 290.

“By funding undergraduate research, we’re investing first in our own students, and their future,” said Robert Frost, president of the college. “Once again, we are modeling excellence in teaching, learning, and professional development of our students.”

This is the third year of the Capstone Projects at the college, and the rapid growth is requiring assistance from other areas of the college. This year marks the first time the foundation has offered financial support to complete the high-profile projects.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the foundation to support the mission of the college and the work of our students. It also provides the opportunity to partner in increasing the visibility of applied research projects at the college. We are excited to showcase our talent,” added Steve Ward, executive director of the foundation.

Previously, students secured their own funding, either out of pocket or through private fundraising. By making foundation funds available, more students will complete the labor-intensive, hands-on learning projects in their chosen fields of study, “and more will be competitive in academic and career research projects later in life,” added John Martens, vice president of instruction at the college.

“The first year, in 2013, we had six total projects. The second year, we had 17 projects from more than 30 students,” described Karen Goodwin, chemistry professor and coordinator of the Capstone Projects program. “Every year, more and more students want to participate and share their work. Having funding available is a great incentive, but it also creates opportunities for students to do bigger, bolder, more creative projects. I’m very excited to see what students come up with this year.”

The foundation will host the Capstone Project Presentation Day on June 5, when students will present their work to the foundation and community.

“The foundation is excited provide a source of funding to encourage student projects. No other community college in the state provides this kind of support for students to do research-related projects, and it feels great to be at the forefront of such a groundbreaking idea,” said Lee Stevens, president of the Centralia College Foundation Board. “The projects presented at past Capstone events have focused on student success and we are delighted to expand that tradition this year.”


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