Vancouver dentist is 2015 Distinguished Alumnus

Dr Dave CarstenThe Centralia College Foundation is pleased to announce Dr. David Carsten, a Centralia native and 1977 graduate of Centralia College, as the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus.

As a dentist anesthesiologist, Dr. Carsten provides mobile anesthesia for patients who are disabled, very young, fearful, or who may desire anesthesia during a dental procedure. More importantly, he provides empathy and compassion—the core values of his practice, Pacific Dental Anesthesia, in Vancouver.

Dr. Carsten’s Centralia College roots go deep. He literally grew up at the college and watched it grow up around him. His dad, Don Carsten, was the dean of administration for many years and was involved in the construction and expansion of the college.

“I went to all the faculty picnics with my parents. The names attached to the areas and buildings like Hanson, Kiser, etc… I knew them,” Carsten recalled, adding that it was natural for him to attend Centralia College as a student and work as an employee for a while. “It was a good start.”

From Centralia College, Carsten went on to graduate from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry. He then completed his doctorate in dental surgery at the University of Washington School of Dentistry. After 24 years of dental practice, 13 years as a faculty member at Oregon Health Sciences University, and three years at the University of Southern California, he entered the anesthesia program at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Carsten is a member of a number of professional organizations and received the Award of Distinction in continuing education from the American Dental Institute. He serves as a lecturer and published author on diverse topics and teaches sedation courses at the University of Southern California.

Carsten will be a featured speaker at the commencement ceremony in June.


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