Free Lyceum lectures at CC

Centralia College’s Lyceum Lecture Series is a one-credit class that is free and open to the community. Guests can attend any or all of the lectures.

All lectures are held at 1 p.m. Wednesdays in Washington Hall, Room 103.

April 1              Overview of Class – Dr. Jody Peterson  (NO JOKE)

April 8              Overview of Sexual Misconduct at college

As part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, this presentation will offer information about what students experience as sexual misconduct, promising practices to respond to misconduct and to reduce rates, and federal and state guidance on to colleges.  The presenter, Kelly Schrader, is the Coordinator for Sexual Violence Prevention at The Evergreen State College and leads Evergreen’s sexual assault prevention and response efforts.


April 15            From Horses to Hybrids The Evolution of the Modern College Campus – Applied to Centralia College

Steve Ward, Vice President of Administrative Services, will share about the history of education facilities from the 12th century European institution to early American campuses. His presentation will include how this process influenced some of the foundational elements included in CC’s facilities planning both in the past and in the foreseeable future.


April 22            The UW Garbology Project:  Archaeology, Waste, and Sustainable Planning

Jack Johnson, an archaeologist at the Burke Museum and the University of Washington, will discuss an ongoing University of Washington project which seeks to improve campus sustainability through the use of archaeological methods to study modern trash.  Offered as part of Earth Day, the presentation will explore the connections between archaeology, domestic waste (both ancient and modern), and how these two seemingly disparate themes can be combined to provide practical insights for more efficient modern waste management.


April 29            Family Diversity: Past, Present, and Future

Sociologist and member of the faculty at Pacific Lutheran University, Teresa Ciabattari will lead a conversation that explores the complexity and history of modern American families. Participants will explore how the economy and society influenced changes and cultural shifts such as the rise of single parent households, divorce, opting for cohabitation over marriage, and same sex marriage, and new ways to interpret changes in make-up and definition of the American family. Presentation is co-sponsored by Humanities Washington


May 6               My Rugby Conversion

Centralia College faculty, Paul Suozzo, was an American football player for six years and has been converted to a complete rugby fan, even though he has never played rugby. In rugby an extra point kick is called a conversion. Paul will explain the rules of the game, his own personal experience and how he discovered it and some about the game’s history.


May 13             Through the Eyes of a Friend

Through a unique combination of theatre, video, and live interaction, Living Voices will present the unforgettable story of Anne Frank as seen through the eyes of her fictional best friend, Sarah. This moving program is a poignant portrayal of friendship and survival set during the time of the Holocaust and brought to life through a dynamic solo performance.


May 20             The Students of Color Conference Experience

The Centralia College students that were selected to attend the 25th Annual Students of Color Conference will share their experience.


May 27             TBD


June 3              Empathy is the key in all healthy relationships.  Empathy is the key in healing relationships

CC’s 2015 Distinguished Alum, David L. Carsten, DDS, MAGD, FACD, FADI, will discuss the importance and necessity of empathy in life and specifically in the practice of healthcare. He will share how the brain’s mirror neuron system works, how empathy can be enhanced or suppressed, and how it can make people better human beings.



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