Students to create field journals in summer art course

New field journaling course drops the English component but still offers students opportunity to draw and write about nature.Drawing class 1

A lover of nature, Liz Frey, associate professor of fine art, pondered the idea of coming up with a fun summer art class that she could teach outdoors. It wasn’t long before her idea took shape and the proposed course, Drawing a Field Journal, made its way into the summer schedule as  ART 105. Originally intended to be a linked course with both a writing and drawing component, the course recently dropped the English portion and will now only be offered as a stand alone 3 credit art class.

Using the style of naturalists, students in Frey’s class will still create and illustrate their own field journals to record their personal experiences and enjoyment of the outdoors. “Writing and drawing help people connect with a place,” shares Frey. “They serve as a way to help us slow down and observe, to get more of a sense of who we are as part of a larger eco-system.”

The two day a week course will now consist of one day of lecture and studio practice and one day in the field working on their journals. For the outdoor portion of the class, students will take day trips to a variety of geographical areas throughout the Chehalis River watershed, including wilderness locations in the Cascades, rural farmlands, and park-like urban settings. These experiences will give them opportunities to compare and explore human interaction with nature.

ART 105 is a temporary elective worth three credits each in art and will be offered this summer for the first time.

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