Capstone project awards announced

Congratulations to the 2015 Capstone winners! These student-designed projects were selected to be funded by the Centralia College Foundation board and will be presented at the Capstone event on June 5. The winning projects and student names are as follows:

  1. Underwater rover, designed to dive over 100 feet – Micah Corwin & Blake Wiley
  2. Galvanizing process of iron nails – Johnny Blosl
  3. Using the Vernier Gas Pressure Sensor to identify unknown metals – Jared Chung
  4. Vital signs monitory station – Gerald Fairfield & Travis Haferkamp
  5. Investigation of tree rings from tilted living trees and submerged subfossil snags in Crescent Lake – Garret Marlantes
  6. Use of radiocarbon dating and tree-ring analysis to study submerged forest in Lake Kapowsin – Jordan Conner
  7. Build and install servos into a robot that will move from six different axis – Glenn Emigh
  8. RFID security locking dog door – Lucas Ruble
  9. Comparison of Green Wittig Reaction methods – Amy Johnson
  10. A Tale of Two Copper Labs: A Green Approach, designed to examine the copper cycle – Sania Marri

On the cutting edge, Centralia College is possibly the first in the state to offer funding for community college student research projects. Thanks to the generous support of the Foundation board, these aspiring scientists and engineers now have the opportunity to put their innovative ideas into action. Come cheer them on at the Capstone Project Presentation Day and prepare to be impressed!


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