CC to dedicate etchings on April 28

Roi (2)Shukan (Mt. Shuksan) 1927

Centralia College will dedicate six Roi Partridge etchings to the college’s permanent art collection at 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 28, in the Kirk Library Building. The dedication is open to the community. Refreshments will be available.

The etchings were donated by Stuart and Kathy Halsan. Stuart Halsan is a trustee for the Centralia College Board of Directors.

The etchings include The Unused Road, Willows in the WestAspenland, Mountain Valley, Snowfields, and Shuksan.

The Halsans have also made several additional items available to the college for temporary display in the library. These include Leaning Willows, In Sante Fe, La Porte de Moret, and a copper plate etching by Roi Partridge, as well as two photos, Amaryllis and Portrait of Artist, by Imogen Cunningham, wife of Roi Partridge.

Roi Partridge was born in Centralia in 1888. His etchings were honored with numerous awards and are represented in several collections, including the British Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the University of California, and the New York Public Library.


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