Lactation room opens for moms

Lactation Room CC (2) cropCentralia College recently opened a lactation room to provide a private space for students and employees who are nursing. Located in Washington Hall (WAH) Room 204, the cozy room features a mini-refrigerator, comfortable seating and side table, and electrical outlets for breast pumps. To ensure privacy, a card reader was installed that only unlocks the door using ID cards of scheduled users.

The room, formerly a private office, was converted after a student requested a private place to nurse her baby and also to comply with Title IX requirements. Since its opening last quarter, a few breastfeeding mothers have already utilized the service.

Julie Ledford, vice president of Human Resources and Legal Affairs, says, “We have had some positive feedback on the creation of the room and providing a space and support for nursing and lactating mothers.”

Current students and employees of Centralia College who are nursing can schedule use of the room through the Facilities, Operations, and Maintenance office at 360-736-9391, ext. 218.

For more information about the Lactation Room or to read the guidelines for use, visit or contact Human Resources at 360-736-9391, ext. 285.

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