Economics professor receives grant for new class

Paul Suozzo

Centralia College Assistant Professor of Economics Paul Suozzo was recently awarded a Northwest International Education Association grant to fund a new course, Economic Systems. His proposed course “seeks to reorient and expose students to economic systems outside the United States and demonstrate the alternate approaches to managing different aspects of an economy including allocation, distribution, money, trade, immigration, regulation and organizing labor.”

Suozzo, who has been teaching since 1999, has worked with many foreign students at Centralia College. It was through these interactions that he met Laju Nankani, director of International Programs, and was invited to attend the Northwest International Education Association meeting, where he first learned of the grant opportunity.

“As soon as I read the grant description, I knew my new course would be a shoe-in!” Suozzo said.

On his travels to Europe and South Africa, Suozzo had the opportunity to observe several alternative approaches to economics. He hopes his new class “will internationalize student perspectives and cause them to think outside of conventional American bounds. It perhaps will also cause students to seek courses that tackle issues from an international/non US-centric perspective.”

In addition, he believes this class has the potential to lead to the formation of student clubs, travel, and study abroad.

Suozzo’s course was one of two selected for the new course grant awards and received $1,250. The course is expected to be completed by spring 2016.

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