Drama professor named 2015 Exceptional Faculty

Drama professor Brian Tyrrell was one of two faculty members to win this year’s Centralia College Foundation Exceptional Faculty Award.

 Brian Tyrrell

For the past 24 years, Brian Tyrrell has invested his time, talent, and teaching skills into Centralia College’s dramatic arts program, contributing to its impressive growth and development. Teaching a variety of theater courses ranging from Beginning Acting to Shakespeare, Tyrrell has inspired both drama majors and non-majors alike. His impressive list of accomplishments include directing and/or producing 94 plays and musicals from world premieres to Shakespearean classics, involving more than 550 Centralia College students as actors and technicians.

In addition to touring internationally, Tyrrell has taken students to theater productions in Seattle, Portland, and Ashland, as well as New York City to see Broadway productions, exposing them “to the best that theater has to offer, whether across town or across the country.”

Tyrrell has also actively participated in campus life by serving as advisor to The Players Club, chair of the Fine and Performing Arts Department, CC 101 instructor, and member of various committees. Outside of his college duties, Tyrrell has volunteered in the community by teaching summer theater classes for young performers, serving as acting/directing instructor for various academies, and being invited to be a guest equity artist, director and lecturer on multiple occasions. He is also a member of numerous professional organizations.

Over the years, Tyrrell has been honored for his many achievements and contributions, receiving the Exemplary Status Award from the Washington Community and Technical College Humanities Association, Centralia College’s Exceptional Faculty Award in 2000, the NISOD Excellence in Teaching Award, and the Golden Medallion, the highest award presented by the Kennedy Center/American College Theatre Festival.

After hearing he was nominated for the award, Tyrrell said, “I’m most proud of the thousands of students and community members I’ve had the privilege to encourage, enlighten and entertain via the classroom and the stage.”




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