339 students vote in first-ever online elections

Students use surface tablets from eLearning’s mobile tablet cart to cast their votes in this year’s student elections. Online Voting 2015

This year’s Student Government elections went paperless for the first time thanks to the initiative of Student Government, the ingenuity of our computer science students, and the support of eLearning.

“All voting was conducted online,” said Carrie Powell, eLearning support manager. The new technology allowed students to vote from home as well as at school. One student, Aaron Thomas, even voted from JFK airport in New York!

Emily Ivie, senator for clubs and organizations, applauded the efforts of the computer science interns who made it possible. “We would like to thank Sam Small and his team for turning our idea for online voting into a reality!” The student leadership team had left their idea in capable hands. The applications developer turned their request into an incredible opportunity for his CST 130 internship class. With Small’s guidance, the group of computer science students tackled the project. “We created the application and rolled it out,” said Small.

The new voting app generated a lot of excitement and interest as students used online ballots for the first time in last week’s student elections. 339 students voted this year, almost doubling the number of voters last year. Several students voted from their phones. Others used the surface tablets from eLearning’s mobile tablet cart. According to Ivie, having the tablets available was very convenient and helped attract students. “Student government would like to thank eLearning for letting us borrow their tablets,” she added.


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