CC student headed to China

Euchari Majors

Euchari Majors crop 5.8.15

This summer, Centralia College Running Start student Euchari Majors will get to walk on the Great Wall of China. As a recipient of a scholarship from the Confucius Institute of the State of Washington, Euchari will be joining a total of 700 high school students from across the U.S. at the 2015 Chinese Bridge Summer Camp in China this July.

The two week camp focuses on Chinese language immersion with intensive language classes and many opportunities to mix with Chinese students and host families. After an orientation and welcome in Beijing, Euchari will travel throughout China visiting host schools in different provinces. The program also includes fun activities like visiting the Great Wall and participating in a talent show with Chinese students.

Euchari has been studying Mandarin for two years. Although she was initially interested in learning Japanese because of her interest in anime, she settled for Chinese as a second choice. However, once she started Chinese, Euchari “fell in love with the class.” It’s clear that she has had a great mentor. “My Chinese teacher has been extremely nice and is a wonderful person.”

Euchari’s Chinese language instructor, Christine Wynder, is also proud of her student. “Euchari is very diligent and one of the best students I have ever had. While other students were resting during the summer break last year, Euchari voluntarily came to my office to learn more Chinese. I introduced her to a new Chinese reading supplemental textbook…and she finished this reader (usually done in a quarter) and half of the next reader all during the summer.”

Wynder also explained, “I always offer to all my students scholarship opportunities as they come up. Euchari always consistently applies for these scholarships.” Her student’s hard work definitely paid off. The scholarship includes all costs in China including food and transportation. Euchari will be required to pay only the international airfare and visa application fee.

“I’m looking forward to the immersion experience and the culture,” said Euchari who will be graduating with her associate degree in Chinese language this year. She will attend Willamette University in Salem this fall, where she plans to major in Asian studies and minor in Chinese. Whether she chooses to pursue business, teaching English in China, or working in government or foreign relations, Euchari Majors will be using her passion for Chinese to do something she loves.


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