‘Habitations’ sculptures on display

DSC_6364As you walk through campus, keep your eyes open for four new sculptures created by Liz Frey’s Art 111 Sculpture class.

Hanging from and nestled next to the trees around the Student Center and library, these large woven forms crafted out of natural vines and wire almost blend into the landscape. Looking remarkably like human-sized nests, Frey says the sculptures were intended to “evoke a sense of an abode or place to live.”

The project was inspired by the unexpected donation of large amounts of natural vine materials to the art department. The materials were originally donated to a local elementary school by Michael’s craft store and, after passing hands several times, eventually ended up in Frey’s possession. She decided to challenge her art students to use the vine-covered wire to “create free-standing sculptures at a human scale responding to the theme ‘habitations.’”

Her six students, some working alone and some in teams, took the challenge seriously.

McKenzi Taylor’s sculpture, hanging from the tree outside of the Student Center, was inspired by a weaver bird’s nest. On one side of the library, Valerie Romine’s sculpture simulates a fairy house, and on the other side of the library, Meghan Swartz-Evans’ piece incorporates a basketry technique around two suspended rings of rope. Sequestered among the trees between Kemp and the Student Center, Samuel Dean, Spencer Stepp, and Colby Boone’s sculpture gives the impression of a teepee. Each piece uniquely reveals the theme of habitation.

These creative student projects will be on display throughout the summer.


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