English instructor shares research

Dr. Rose Reigle.fw

Winner of one of the new campus Open Education Mini-grants, Dr. Rosemary Reigle is excited to share her research work with a greater audience through the open education format.

Dr. Reigle’s research project, “The Odyssey of Building the Foundation for Western Civilization as seen in Ancient Greek Literature,” stems from her love of Greek epic poetry, prose, and drama and her interest in the connection between ancient literature and the foundations of Western Civilization.

She hopes her work will inspire academic freedom by challenging readers to explore the concept of truth through intellectual discourse. The mini-grant will help cover research expenses.

In her work, Dr. Reigle poses this question: “When does myth become legend and legend become truth?” Referencing a quote by John Milton, “Let [Truth] and Falsehood grapple; who ever knew Truth put to the worse, in a free and open encounter” [Milton, “Areopagitica,” 1644], Reigle believes Milton  expresses the “way to the truth is in a free and open public sphere.”

While Dr. Reigle offers her truth of how Greek literature is representative of Western Civilization in the 21st century and how it serves to build the foundation for our nation, she also wants to challenge her readers to grapple with her point of view—in essence, she desires for readers to enter into a kind of dialogue with her by asking, “Has this been scientifically proven to be true?” or “Is it reasonable to believe it?”

This kind of interaction promotes the kind of academic freedom Milton wrote about, which, according to Dr. Reigle, is “the freedom for scholars and intellectuals to express their ideas of truth, scientifically proven or perceived, through intellectual discourse both verbal and written.”

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