CC wins Stewardship Award

CC Stewardship Award SMALLCentralia College has received high praise from the Washington State Auditor’s Office for its culture of accountability on financial resources. The college received the Stewardship Award for its performance in a recent state audit.

“In particular, we noted the college has a strong control process over its financial statement preparation process,” noted Acting State Auditor Jan Jutte in a letter to the college dated Aug. 27. “The college staff was able to effectively communicate their process and take the initiative to compile the supporting documentation for the audit.”

For the college, such recognition from the state auditor is powerful praise for the hard work that went into preparing its first ever financial statement audit.

“The audit is the end result of a culture of stewardship at the college,” said Steve Ward, vice president of finance and administration. “We take a lot of pride in the trust the public places in us. We’re proud to be recognized for managing that trust wisely.”

Added Marla Miller, director of fiscal services, “The Centralia College staff is amazing. There’s a commitment to accountability and stewardship at the college that colors everything we do.”

Cliff Frederickson, assistant director of fiscal services, played a key role in preparing the financial statement audit. He credited the strong support he received from the auditor’s office with the success of the audit.

“You need a partner in an auditor and our auditor was open and willing to help us at every turn,” he said. “For us at the college, that relationship was vital. We appreciate all the support we had from the auditor’s office throughout this process.”

Centralia College President Dr. Robert Frost said he’s humbled by the hard work of the fiscal office and what they do to ensure the college meets its mission.

“The financial reporting and the stewardship of state funds are what allow students to come to Centralia College every day to earn degrees and certificates, and to get the job training they need for themselves and their families,” Frost said. “Without the staff working behind the scenes to track and maximize every dollar, we wouldn’t be able to provide the life-changing education we provide students every day.”

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