Chemistry Bootcamp is a hit

imageofstudentsOn Sept. 11, nearly 40 students attended the first Chemistry Bootcamp. The event was organized by chemistry professors Karen Goodwin and Dr. Ruby Nagelkerke, with the support of several chemistry peer tutors and college faculty and staff.

After taking a short test to assess their skills, students attending the free boot camp were broken up into two groups between the professors, who gave refresher lessons in math and chemistry. Afterwards, they played games to reinforce those skills.

“The college and the Centralia College Foundation supported us on so many levels,” Goodwin said. “From grants to help pay our peer tutors to supplying pizza for lunch to providing us with funds for games and prizes for the students, we are very pleased with the turnout and reaction from students.”

One peer tutor, Lee Taylor, wished he had had this event when he first began attending Centralia College.

“This would have helped me to decide if I should have entered Chemistry 161 or Chemistry 121,” Taylor said. “Before attending CC, I had a long break from school and didn’t know if my math skills were up to par. This would have been a good diagnostic tool to see if I was ready for the upper level chemistry.”

Taylor, now in his third year at Centralia College, plans to attend St. Martin’s University next year to earn his degree in mechanical engineering.


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