CC to participate in national research

Sharon Mitchler

Due to the hard work and diligence of English and Humanities Professor Dr. Sharon Mitchler, Centralia College has been chosen to participate in a national study to investigate the effectiveness of Teaching for Transfer Writing.

This grant funded, multi-college study, is testing whether a new teaching technique can help students transfer their knowledge across different writing contexts and genres, all with the goal of making them better college level writers. The research project, led by English Department of Florida State University Professor Kathleen Blake Yancey, a distinguished research professor and decorated author, will include nine other colleges and universities around the country. Centralia College is only one of two community colleges chosen to participate.

“This study is one of the reasons I worked so hard to earn my doctorate over the past few years,” Dr. Mitchler said. “This allows me to work with leaders and researchers in English departments throughout the country helping to better serve Centralia College students. In addition, when the research is concluded, our students will be represented in published research articles on a national level.”

The study will begin next fall, but Dr. Mitchler anticipates beginning a soft roll-out of the teaching techniques this spring. “Over the next year I’ll attend conferences to meet with the other English professors as we work to set up the framework of the study,” Dr. Mitchler said. “This is a great opportunity for our students, faculty, and the college to be involved with curriculum research.”

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