Do You Qualify for Funding?

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Start Next Quarter!

Centralia College has banded together with other community colleges throughout Washington State to create an easy way for potential students to see if they qualify for assistance with tuition, books and fees.

Developed by the South Seattle College District, the website is a simple three step system. It begins with a short anonymous survey that asks basic demographic and financial questions. The survey helps determine if the student can be pre-qualified for grants or other programs to help pay for college. The student may attend an educational planning workshop, or a one-on-one meeting to verify their qualifications and to explore programs of interest, lastly, they simply apply to college.

Take the Start Next Quarter survey now!

“This is a great way for potential students to see if they qualify for funding right from home,” Worker Retraining Manager Joan Meister said. “Whether you’re self-employed or unemployed and looking for a new career, receiving food stamps, or are a displaced homemaker, we have a program that may help you pay for college.”

Workforce Education at Centralia College has a wide variety of degrees and certification programs to fit a number of career interests and goals, from diesel technology, criminal justice, electronics and robotics, medical assisting and nursing, to welding, energy technology and more.

“We’re here to help people get the education they need to be competitive in the workforce, so they can get a good job they love,” Meister said. “And Centralia College has a program or certification to fit any career interest.”

For more information call 360-736-9391 ext. 385 or visit or



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