Register now for GED, ESL, and high school programs

Classroom-Students-2Centralia College offers a wide range of basic skills classes for adults seeking high school diplomas or GEDs, English language skills, or pre-college classes. Classes are offered mornings, afternoons, or evenings.

Basic skills classes are offered at a reduced cost. Classes are generally $25 per quarter, though waivers may be available for students who meet income requirements.

To get started, simply attend an orientation. Visit the Phoenix Center (in the Kirk Library) at Centralia College for more information. For additional details, call 360-736-9391, ext. 216, for information about classes on the main Centralia campus, or 360-496-5022 for information about classes at Centralia College East in Morton.

Here are additional details about the basic skills classes offered through Centralia College this winter:

 English as a Second Language
Non-native English speakers may learn to listen, speak, read and write English in a non-threatening environment.  A new program, I-DEA (Integrated Digital English Acceleration), provides lower level students the opportunity to learn English through the use of technology in the classroom and at home. Higher level students prepare for transition to all English-speaking basic skills classes, vocational programs, and college-level classes. Each student chooses a career pathway to target their training and education to individual goals.  

Adult High School Diploma (HS21+)
High School 21+ is a high school diploma program for adults aged 21 or older. It is not a GED. Rather, it is a high school diploma from Centralia College.

GED 2014
A GED is a high school equivalency degree for teenagers and adults. The GED 2014 program is open to students age 16 and older. (Any student younger than 19 must provide a high school release form.)

Career Readiness Certification
Students with or without a high school diploma or GED can take classes to prepare for job training programs or for entering the job market. Career Readiness classes prepare students for the ACT WorkKeys assessments and the ACT National Career Readiness Certificate. The certificate proves to employers a student is career-ready.

Basic Skills Improvement
Students with a high school diploma or GED can brush-up on their reading, writing, and math. Students enrolled in basic skills improvement classes can take other college classes at the same time.

Reading for Civics
Reading for Civics is a Citizenship preparation class. Students learn to complete the N-400 (Citizenship) application, and prepare for the naturalization interview with USCIS. This class is for preparation only and does not provide legal advice. Students may register any time during the quarter by attending an ESL orientation.

For more information on basic skills classes at Centralia College, visit the Centralia College website or call call 360-736-9391, ext. 216.

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