CC’s FANUC Cert progam is state’s first

Cert logo-01b

Centralia College is offering a new certification program for adults interested in careers in mechatronics, electronics, robotics and industrial automation.

The new FANUC Certified Education Robot Training (CERT) program provides students with skills to operate the same FANUC robots used in industrial settings. Centralia College is the first and only college in Washington to have certified instructors teaching this CERT program. The class is intended to be completed within a single academic quarter, and future plans include offering condensed week-long classes built specifically to accommodate varying schedules including current employment or long commutes.

“Students who complete the FANUC CERT program are qualified to operate FANUC robots across a wide range of industrial settings,” explained Dan Whalen, FANUC Certification instructor and teacher in Centralia College’s Electronics, Robotics, and Automation program. “FANUC is the standard for industries that use robots. A FANUC certification is an invaluable tool when searching for employment in industrial and automation settings.”

The FANUC certification is part of an overall restructuring of Centralia College’s Electronics, Robotics, and Automation program over the last six months. Most notably, the classes have moved to a newly remodeled robotics lab in Kemp Hall. The new space showcases the authentic FANUC and other robots and workstations students use for hands-on learning.

In addition, the curriculum has shifted to include a broader range of skills for those seeking employment in industrial workplaces.

“We want our students to finish our courses with a ‘big picture’ knowledge of automated industrial environments,” explained Dave Peterson, ERA instructor. “Employers will teach the specific job-related skills, but the purpose of our classes is to learn how to implement specific skills and have the flexibility to work safely in nearly any industrial environment. We want to see every graduate become successful in an industry they enjoy, no matter whether they work for our local Cardinal Glass manufacturing plant or Michael’s distribution center, or an international company like Boeing or Amazon.”

This new program includes emphasized training in workplace safety and soft skills such as teamwork, communications, and workplace success.

For more information on FANUC training and the Electrics, Robotics, and Automation program at Centralia College, call 360-736-9391, ext. 427. Winter quarter classes start Jan. 4.


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