Winter Lyceums at CC


Centralia College’s Lyceum Lecture Series is a one-credit class that is free and open to the community. Guests can attend any or all of the lectures.

All lectures are held at 1 p.m. Wednesdays in Washington Hall, Room 103.

Jan. 6                     Overview of class

Jan. 13                  Adventures in Entomophagy – Waiter, There’s No Fly in My Soup?
Join David Gordon, the author of “The Eat-a-Bug Cookbook” for an adventure in entomophagy [eating bugs], and prepare yourself for the next big revolution in food production – using crickets, mealworms, and other eco-friendly alternatives to meat. The program concludes with free samples of edible insect snacks. This presentation is co-sponsored by the Humanities Washington.

Jan. 20                  A Tribute To Martin Luther King – Living The Dream
In this educational and motivational presentation, Dion Jordan reflects on the extraordinary life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the legacy left behind. He emphasizes Dr. King’s dream and encourages his audience to draw from the blueprint Dr. King left to make their own dreams come true.

Jan. 27                  The Iban of Sarawak: An Indigenous People of Borneo
Hear a firsthand account of an anthropological excursion into the jungle of Sarawak, Malaysia, on the Island of Borneo to meet the Iban people. Once upon a time (around 100 years ago), the Iban were the fiercest and most proficient of all the headhunters of Borneo. Even today, the victims’ trophy skulls still hang from the rafters of their traditional longhouses. Former Centralia College student, Oliver Claycamp will present some historical and modern information about the Iban people, and share his firsthand account of the Gawai Burong, the festival of heads.

Feb. 3                    ISIS – Authentic Islam or Manipulating Religion?  
Dr. Steve Niva teaches International Politics and Middle East Studies at The Evergreen State College in Olympia.  His primary areas of research and writing include asymmetric warfare, counterinsurgency, and political violence in the Middle East.  He is an expert on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.  His most recent work, on the rise of ISIS as a terror insurgency, is based on a reading of ISIS’s strategic documents and study of the group’s battle tactics.  Dr. Niva will address the question of how Islamic ISIS is, and the role of faith and cynicism in the rise of the terror army in Iraq and Syria.

Feb. 10                 NO CLASS- ADVISING DAY

Feb. 17                 Put a Motivational Step into the Heritage You Rep!
Motivational speaker, Mama Drill will be providing a Black History Month presentation that will motivate everyone that attends.

Feb 24                  The Art of Illusion: Visual Effects in Movies and Television
Jared Potter is a self-taught visual effects artist and supervisor working in the film and television industry. His experience ranges from small budget student films to multimillion dollar Hollywood productions, most recently on the hit SyFy channel show “Z Nation.” Potter will share his personal journey into VFX and filmmaking, offer an inside look into the creation of a VFX shot, and how he’s able to accomplish this all from his small hometown in Washington.

 March 2               A Day in the Life of a County Sheriff
Lewis County Sheriff Robert Snaza will be present what they are doing and what they have to offer the community through the Sheriff’s Office. It is far more than just arresting people.

 March 9               Klondike – The Last Adventure
Klondike – The Last Adventure is a collaboration with the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park about the gold rush and its impact on Washington. The heritage and historical content will focus on a young woman who became a miner during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1989. Although one in 10 Klondike gold seekers were women, most of their stories are unknown and untold; stories of women’s involvement in the Gold Rush focus primarily on the showgirls, cooks and prostitutes, rather than the women who mined for gold alongside the men. This Women’s History Month Lyceum is a Living Voices presentation.

 March 16            Sustainability Topic
Topic to be announced. Presented by Rulon Crawford, Centralia College faculty.



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