End of Life training April 20

Centralia College, in partnership with Assured Home Health and Hospice, is sponsoring the Hospice Foundation of America’s Annual Living with Grief Program from 5:30-8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 20, in Washington Hall room 103 on the college campus.

This year the focus of the program, Managing Conflict/Finding Meaning, addresses methods, strategies and practices that can be used to provide psycho-social and other support to terminally-ill patients, their families and close networks as they cope with an impending death. Particular emphasis will be placed on how to manage sources of conflict that often emerge near life’s end, as well as how to help individuals and families find meaning at life’s end.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity for our nursing students to learn more about a very rewarding area of practice, and to interact with health care providers and consumers in our community,” explained associate nursing professor Nola Ormrod. “It’s also an opportunity for nurses, social workers, counselors, funeral directors and clergy to receive continuing education credits.”

This educational program combines presentations by experts with video, discussion, and additional complimentary learning materials. Learners participating in the live event program will have an opportunity to comment, participate in polling, and ask questions of expert presenters.

For more information or to register contact Dana Ochsner, LPN at 360-480-3542 or dana.ochsner@lhcgroup.com or Julie Ostling, RN at 360-352-0711 or Julie.ostling@lhcgroup.com


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