Two new stats classes at CC

Centralia College is unveiling two new statistics classes this spring and summer.

Math 246 — Intermediate Applied Statistics

Registration is now open for this class, which starts April 18. It is a hybrid class, meaning the students meet only once per week in person and complete other work and assignments online. The class meets at 10 a.m. Fridays starting April 18. It’s a five-credit class. The focus is on data literacy and its application to job skills.

“We are living in an information age, and data science is an exploding field,” explained Professor Preston Kiekel. “Data literacy is one of the key job skills for the foreseeable future. This class expands on concepts of data collection and cleaning, software, and inferential statistics.”

Math 247 — Qualitative Research Methods

This class will be offered during summer quarter. Registration opens in May. It is a five-credit class. Students will learn how to extract meaning from textual data sources, such as interviews, surveys, and transcripts.

“Math 247 is great for people who intend to work as social scientists, social workers, psychologists, and anthropologists,” said Kiekel. “It teaches you how to collect and analyze qualitative data.”

Click for more information on this or other classes at Centralia College.

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