Construction heats up

Construction continues on the TransAlta Commons, a 70,000-square-foot student center. It will be the new home of admissions and registration, financial aid, bookstore, cafeteria, high-tech classrooms, and more. It will also provide a 500-seat dining/meeting space for the campus and community.

  • In March, the decking and side rails on the second and third floors of the east section of the TransAlta Commons were built, allowing for the installation of electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and other infrastructure. The west section of the building is now being built.
  • Later this month, construction of the four-story atrium section, the showpiece of the facility and the defining structural element of the building, will begin.
  • The campus circle at the intersection of Washington Avenue and the Aadland Esplanade will soon be transformed with bricks and pavers into the outdoor centerpiece of the college, tying together Washington Hall, Walton Science Center, Kiser Natural Outdoor Learning Lab, and the TransAlta Commons. This 13,000-square-foot circle will host a variety of campus and community events.

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