Students impress at Capstone 2016

On June 10, several of Centralia College’s brightest students presented their Capstone projects to the college campus and community. According to event organizers David Peterson and Karen Goodwin, the event has doubled in size from the previous year to include a wider range of disciplines throughout the college. Capstone presentations are a culmination of the students work for the year, and included presentations on geology, chemistry, robotics, diesel, botany, health and others.

“Thanks to the financial support of the Centralia College Foundation, and the guidance of their instructors, we are the only two-year college that offers this kind of opportunity in the state,” explained assistant chemistry professor Karen Goodwin. “I hope that by having this opportunity to show off their work, students will be excited and motivated to engage in further research at the university level.”

 Student Presentations:

Oil analysis using the FT-IR: Brent Avery and Stasha Aitken

Fighting Tuberculosis: Dee Montoya

Synthesis of Ferrofluids: Evan Kenney

Project T.A.G: Three Axis Gimba:l Lee Taylor, Ravi Patel, Josh Closner, Evan Kenney,
Jason Allen

Portable Podcast Studio: Ryan Colby

Human-Machine Interface: Biomimetic Hand: Joseph Cook, William Scull, Gary Landis

Music Classroom Tuner/Metronome/Drone (CTMD): Travis Dietz

Secondhand Smoke: Unsafe at Any Amount: Laura Keese and Colby Campbell

The Problem with Poison: Kyle Tracht and Lindsey Everitt

To Lower Unintentional Drowning Rates of Children in Washington State By increasing life jacket use: James L. Dinsmore and Haley M. Graham

Childhood Obesity: Robert Blackett and Joelle Lloyd

Oral Health Promotion within the Preschool community: Camille Willis and Spencer Zucati

“Fatal Impact”: Preventing Vehicular Hyperthermia on Children: Andy Breed, Lauren Draper

Click-it or Ticket: Car Seat Safety for Children: Marina Rud, Elle Weber

Let’s Get Active!: Physical Activity of Preschoolers: Jayne R. Mote, Mallory Peters

Tots with a Bright Future: Monitoring Development in Infants and Children: Rahma Mims, Lisa Wiss

Have you Been Stuck Today? Why Parent’s don’t vaccinate: Ashley Pearson, Jordan Shay

A Fungus among Us: Jessica Maez, Mike Staley

Naptime: The importance of sleep for the preschool child: Devinnie R. Williams, M. Michell Taylor

DA 3D Printer: Damon Andrew

Determination of the Equilibrium Constant of Bromothymol Blue – a General Chemistry Experiment: Caleb Allen

Three dimensional reconstructive imagery: Dave Morgan, Nick Schneider

Self-Healing Properties of Cross Linked Polymers: Reversible DA Reaction: Zach Brotherson

Bind Corners: Adam Potts

Project: Enterprise grade, 3D printer: Ken Pritchard, Leonard Wright

Joule Thief: Chris Rich

Play it Again SAMs: An Examination of Surface Modification with Self-Assembled Monolayers: John R. Crockett

Speed-Recording Instrument: John Degoede

Synthesis of 5,10,15,20 – Tetraphenylporphyrin: A Comparison of Two Approaches: Emily Rogers

Identifying a geologic landform using thin sections and pumice layers: Jordan Conner

Down the Rabbit Hoe – Proline – Catalyzed Aldol Condensation: Dee Montoya

A 2015 presentation that will include new findings: Radiocarbon age on the submerged forest in Lake Kapowsin, Washington: Jordan Conner, Danielle Z’berg

Fiber Arts: Display

Selected Plant Collections: Botany 113: Plant Identification and Classification

Waste Stream Audit: Results of Science Club project for LEED Certification: Sania Marri

No Money, Mo’ Problems: Barriers to Educational Completion at Centralia College Presentation: Tara Leonard

2016 Top Speaker of Centralia College Finalists

Grow a Spine – Chloe Gallegos

Don’t Buy the Lie – Aimee Fritch

Abortion is Immoral – Chander Cardenas




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