Foundation awards staff scholarships

The Centralia College Foundation has awarded two scholarships through the Dr. Walton Classified Endowment Scholarship to two employees, Angie Heaton and Claudia Garcia. The Dr. Walton Classified Endowment Scholarship was set up by college president Dr. James Walton in 2013 in an effort to help classified employees pursue their education and career development goals. Each year, two classified employees at the college are chosen. To qualify, employees must be enrolled in one of the degree programs at the college. Both women have utilized other funding and grant options, including employee education benefits.

“At a time when classified staff were taking state mandated cuts in pay, I was able to take the entire raise I was given in 2013 by the Board of Trustees and, with a little addition, I established an endowment solely for use by classified staff,” explained Centralia College President Dr. James Walton. “It was my way of saying thank you in perpetuity for all of the hard work the classified staff does to make Centralia College and its students successful.”


Heaton.Angie.June16Angie Heaton is pursuing a nursing degree. She began attending classes in 2013 and expects to enter the nursing program this fall. Angie has been employed with the college for the past 13 years, the last three as program coordinator in Workforce Education.

“Without financial assistance and the support of my supervisor and co-workers, this dream couldn’t have been realized,” Angie said. “I am simply amazed by the amount of support I have received from nearly every person I work with on campus.”


Garcia.Claudia.01Claudia Garcia is pursuing an associate in arts degree, with just six more classes to go in that effort. She has been the program coordinator in the office of admissions for nine years, and has worked for the college for a total of 10 years. Claudia plans to transfer to Washington State University to earn a bachelor’s degree once she completes her degree at Centralia College.

“This will help pay for the remaining classes I have to complete my degree,” Claudia explained. “Everyone has been supportive, especially my co-workers and my supervisor.  We all work together to help one another to achieve our educational goals.”

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