College isn’t just hitting the books

Today’s college students have a wide variety of interests, academically as well as personally. When choosing a college, they want the opportunity to pursue and develop those interests. The students at Centralia College are no different, and that’s reflected in the wide variety of student clubs and organizations available.

Greg Van AlstineWith more than 20 active student clubs, ranging from sports and outdoor activities, to social justice, to science and physics, to environmental causes and the arts, to diesel technology and welding, there’s no shortage of possibilities for students to become involved with each other, their communities, and the college.


In addition to individual clubs, the Student Life and Involvement Center, the college, and even individual instructors host activities throughout the year, such as movie nights, science and environmental excursions, white water rafting, hiking, snowshoeing and skiing trips, and even trips throughout the country and oversees.


According to many surveys, students who are involved with campus life do better in class, are more satisfied with their college experience, have more scholarship opportunities, and are better prepared to enter the workforce.

whitewaterStudent clubs provide support, activities, events, and social interaction for like-minded students, often resulting in lifelong friends. They also provide support when students are struggling during their education, increasing student retention and graduation rates.


For more information, call 360-736-9391, or call Shelley Bannish in the Student Life and Involvement Center at 360-736-9391, ext. 224, or visit


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