Stay competitive in today’s workforce

It used to be that you had one job throughout your life, and your employer provided pensions and healthcare as part of your compensation, those days are long gone. Today’s worker, on average will have 12-15 jobs, and seven different careers during their lifetime.

This requires workers to stay up-to-date and competitive with their counterparts, especially with the fast-paced advances in technology. This sometimes provides a particular set of challenges for many of today’s older workers, who often have to compete in a highly competitive job market. That’s why it’s more important than ever for workers to stay up-to-date, and even ahead of the curve when it comes to their educations and advances in technology.

“Centralia College’s commitment to help train and retrain today’s workforce has never been stronger than it is right now,” explained Vice President of Student Services Robert Cox. “Whether you’re looking to change careers, advance in your existing career, or enhance and expand your skill-set, there’s a class, certification, or program at the college for anyone trying to stay current in the job market.”

With today’s workers in mind, Centralia College makes student success its number one focus. Whether they need help with homework at the Tutoring Center, the Writing Center, the Presentation Relief Squad, or any of the other free support and counseling centers on campus, older workers will have everything they need to achieve their education goals. Plus, with the low tuition and fees at Centralia College, there’s no better deal.

For more information call 360-736-9391 or visit

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