CC announces new nursing director

Centralia College is proud to announce the promotion of Ellen Hinderlie from nursing professor to Director of Nursing. She’ll take over for long-time Director of Nursing Nola Ormrod, who will continue on as a nursing professor in the program. Nola has a background in oncology nursing and began teaching at Centralia College in 1991. In 1999 she was named Director of Nursing.

“As my career comes to an end, I want to focus my time on what I love the most, teaching,” Nola said. “With Ellen, the nursing program is in good hands. We couldn’t have found a better person to lead the program.”

“We often refer to the nursing program as the program that Nola built,” Ellen explained. “She has either educated or hired every faculty member on staff, sometimes both. I’m honored to take over for such an accomplished professional, and I’m reassured to have her support through the transition.”

Ellen began her career at Centralia College in 2007 as an adjunct clinical instructor while working in the Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit at Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen. She has more than 30 years of coronary and critical/intensive care nursing background. Ellen was part of the care group that spearheaded the cardiovascular surgery unit at Providence St. Peter Hospital. She recently earned a master’s degree in nursing while also teaching full-time. Ellen grew up locally, having graduated from W.F. West High School, and still helps run a cattle ranch that has been in her family for six generations.

“I am so proud of our students and to be part of the nursing program at Centralia College,” Ellen said. “Students receive a university level education at a community college price and feel. We have small class sizes, and a strong team that works together seamlessly. We have such a strong program that our students are often the preferred hire when seeking nursing jobs throughout the region.”

To illustrate her point, Ellen described how a recent graduate was out with friends when someone came from outside asking for help for someone who was unresponsive on the sidewalk. She and another woman, who is also a nurse, assessed the situation and discovered that the man was in anaphylactic shock. They were able to administer an Epi-Pen and save his life.






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  1. Ellen Hinderlie August 23, 2016 — 7:57 am

    Thanks for the nice article, Ed! We enjoyed working with you.

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