CC to offer 45 credits to law enforcement

Centralia College recently adopted a new evaluation process for all working police officers, deputy sheriffs, and state troopers in Washington State.

This process was recently approved by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities and empowers Centralia College to award all peace officers 45 criminal justice credits towards an Associate of Technical Arts degree.

“This is an exciting and groundbreaking opportunity for Centralia College. We are the first academic institution in our state to offer working peace officers 45 credits, which is equivalent to one year of full-time study. This mechanism fully recognizes and validates the value of academy training and work experience. It also affords all peace officers an important and viable option for furthering their education,” explained Professor Gregory Gilbertson, CC’s Criminal Justice program director.

To be eligible, officers must complete 720 hours of academy education and training, and be employed full-time for at least one year. The additional 50 credits required for a criminal justice degree can be completed in online or classroom courses.  Students may also transfer credits earned at other colleges or universities that meet Centralia College degree requirements.

Classes start Sept. 19. Gilbertson said six officers and troopers have already registered for the new degree program, but there is room for many more.

For more details or other information, contact Professor Gilbertson at 360-736-9391, ext. 663, or

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