Register now for chemistry boot camp!

Do you have what it takes to be successful in CHEM 161?

Find out during this fun, fast-paced refresher course, Chemistry Boot Camp! Meet the professors, tutors and your classmates, and get a jump on fall classes. Lunch (pizza) and a periodic table pen are free! Chemistry Boot Camp is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday, Sept. 9. To attend, students must RVSP by Monday, Sept. 5 to Professor Goodwin at

Organized and led by chemistry professor Karen Goodwin, this free chemistry “basic training” camp will run students through chemistry skills and drills, covering material at a quick pace, but in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Goodwin will teach mini-lessons, then students will break into smaller groups to play review games to reinforce those skills.

Goodwin developed the boot camp to help students evaluate their readiness for general chemistry. She wants to help students make an informed decision about which level of chemistry they should enroll in to be the most successful. Students who complete the boot camp are able to decide to stay in CHEM 161 or switch to the introductory course, CHEM 121, before classes begin Sept. 19.

Knowing their best level ahead of time can potentially save students hundreds of dollars in tuition and time.

However, the most valuable savings, according to Goodwin, will be in students’ self-esteem. Struggling in a course can do a lot of damage emotionally. Goodwin wants to change that.

In addition, the chemistry professor hopes meeting students in a more relaxed atmosphere will help them be more comfortable asking for help once the course begins. Working in small groups during the boot camp will also enable students to interact with each other and build positive relationships with their classmates—something that is harder to do in the large lecture hall.

For more information, contact Professor Goodwin at

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