New bachelor’s degree in Teacher Education

Centralia College received official notice Sept. 20 from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities that its proposal to add a Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education has been approved.

This program was developed in collaboration with Grays Harbor College, and course offerings will be shared between the two colleges via live video connection. Centralia College will accept its first cohort in fall 2017. Initially, the plan is to offer subsequent cohorts every other year, but that will be determined by student interest.

“Centralia College has a 90-year history of listening to the community and building programs that meet the needs of real people,” added Dr. Bob Mohrbacher, Centralia College president. “All of our bachelor’s degrees are affordable, flexible, and local because those are the values of our students. The bachelor’s degree in Teacher Education is just the latest in a long line of programs designed for our unique community.”

Centralia College will offer certification in both elementary education (K-8) and special education. Other certification areas may be offered as the program moves forward.

“Our faculty members are excited to offer a Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education,” said Cristi Heitschmidt, dean of Child and Family Studies. “We’ve been working with our local school districts for several years to make this happen. We both see this as an opportunity to develop local teachers and help students earn a teaching certificate and find positions in the area. It is also a pathway for para-professionals currently working in classrooms to obtain their bachelor’s degree and become certified teachers.”

Students interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in Teacher Education are encouraged to meet with Heitschmidt now to review prerequisites and prepare to start the program next fall. Details are still being worked out, but students will be able to apply for the program starting in February. Classes would start September 2017. For more information, call 360-736-9391, ext. 654.




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