Zombie 5k is Oct. 22

Centralia College Zombie 5K Fun Run
2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 22
(Check in at 1 p.m.)
Borst Park Trails

Adults: $25
Students: $15
Kids: $10 (12 and under free)
($5 more to register on Oct. 22)

Register Online Now

Or, download the zombie-5k-registration-form and visit the Centralia College Office of Student Life (College Center, Room 101).

Runners receive a T-shirt, free admission to Frankenstein and Dracula (a double feature) at the Fox Theatre on Oct. 29, and a goodie bag of candy and prizes! Medals will be awarded to winners.

This fun, light-hearted zombie-themed run, sponsored by the Student Life and Involvement Center, Centralia College, Centralia College Foundation, and Fox Theatre. Runners will be chased by zombie volunteers throughout the course.

Download the zombie-5k-course-map for route information.

Questions? Contact Staci at 360-736-9391, ext. 630, or events@centralia.edu.


  • You must be 18 years of age to compete alone.
  • Participants under 17 years of age MUST have a parent or legal guardian on site and provide a signed registration form.
  • No pets of any kind will be allowed in this run.
  • No weapons, play weapons, fire, sharp objects or gear considered dangerous by the organizers will not be allowed (even if it’s part of a costume).
  • No physical contact between participants. Shoving, pushing, defending your flag, or any aggressive behavior will not be tolerated in the Zombie Fun Run. You will be asked to immediately leave the course if observed or reported by participants, staff or volunteers.  (This event is for good natured fun and should be played that way.)
  • ZOMBIES and HUMANS must stay in the course boundaries as defined by the organizers.
  • Any verbal or written instruction by organizers must be strictly followed at all times!
  •  Organizers reserve the right to disqualify anyone without further explanation (or refund) who is making other participants uncomfortable, not playing nice orfair, or violating the spirit of the competition.


  • You must keep your flag belt and race bib on at all times.
  • You cannot leave the course boundaries (set in advance).  


  • You must keep your costume and race bib on at all times.
  • You cannot leave the course boundaries (set in advance).

More detailed rules will be given to registered participants before the race.
ALL rules are designed and enforced to provide as FUN and SAFE event as we can organize. Please respect and obey them!

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