Cedar Creek student-inmates give back

Cedar Creek Corrections Center is located close to the town of Littlerock, a small, spread-out rural community where everyone knows everyone else.

Each year, Cedar Creek participates in the Littlerock School’s WinterFest auction by donating handmade crafts and goods.  The auction is a “feel-good” community event and always held on the first Saturday in December. For the past few years, after seeing the craftsmanship of the many items donated to the auction from Cedar Creek, people from the community have reciprocated by donating to Cedar Creek’s family-centered Father/Child Gift Exchange.

This year, the Maintenance Department employees, supervised by Demar Holtz and students of Bruce Carley, the Building Maintenance Instructor from Centralia College, participated in the event by donating wooden rocking horses, picnic tables, and a tailor-made bus stop. Everything was made from donated or scrap materials.

This is an excerpt from a letter sent from the Littlerock Elementary Parent/Teacher Organization.

Thank you so much for the bus shed, picnic tables and the rocking horses!  SO MANY people commented on all the donations, but especially the fabulous bus shed.  We had many families bidding on it – and so many more families that were in amazement at the style, workmanship, elements of construction, as well as the artistic touches both inside and out. 

The money generated from our fundraiser goes directly back to the students to help cover programs that the school fund cannot, such as our Positive Behavior Program as well as our reading program.  We also pay for FREE family fun nights for students and the community three times per year as well as pay in full for Olympia Junior Program Theatre tickets and bus transportation for all students. All classrooms receive $250 for field trip transportation as well. 

So, you can see from the above that your donation from Cedar Creek means SO MUCH to us.  It is only with donations that we are able to continue to provide these programs to the students in our community. Truly, I feel so very blessed and grateful to those that put in such time and effort on behalf of our community and our school.  Please pass on to those that worked so hard that I and everyone at Littlerock Elementary are so grateful for their creativeness and generosity.  We are very thankful and amazed at the beautiful work.”

Both Demar and Bruce define and model “community” – they are engaged in the work they do with inmates and how they can positively impact our facility and our neighbors.

Article written by Kim Beckham, CPPC

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