Construction begins on parking lot


Centralia College is preparing for construction of a new parking lot on Centralia College Boulevard between Washington Avenue and King Street. The new 90-space lot is expected to open this spring.

Demolition of five houses on that block began Feb. 1. When finished, the lot will provide much-needed parking for the growing campus and attractive greenspaces and landscaping. Construction of the lot is expected to start Feb. 22. No parking or traffic restrictions are expected.

“Our vision is to have the campus facilities compliment the neighborhood, rather than stand out,” said Steve Ward, vice president of finance and administration. “The newer parking lots are designed to capture all stormwater runoff into detention areas that incorporate a landscape design suitable for periods of standing water. It will incorporate native shrubs and trees, with a pathway directing foot traffic to and from the science center. This approach allows the college to address parking needs while protecting the integrity of the community around it.”

Cost for the project is expected to be $350,000. It is funded by the state’s capital appropriation.


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  1. I wonder the $350,000 cost of the project include the purchases of the 5 houses.

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