Blazer Spotlight: Trevor White

When it came time to make college plans, Trevor White had a few goals. He wanted to transition slowly from high school, and he wanted to save money, knowing he’d ultimately be pursuing his bachelor’s and doctorate degrees.

Centralia College was a smart choice.

“I’d visited Centralia College many times since a young age, as my grandfather was a sociology professor,” White said. “When I was looking for a way to smoothly transition between high school and a four-year university, I learned I was eligible for a scholarship from Centralia College. Attending CC for two years struck me as a solid plan.”

White enrolled in Centralia College as a senior at Centralia High School through the Running Start program. He finished his associate degree the following year.

White was impressed with his classes and his professors, and made personal connections across campus that influenced his life and career path. He said he was particularly moved by English Professor Susanne Weil’s class in non-Western literature.

“That class had a significant impact on my understanding of the history of legends and storytelling across cultures,” he described.

White went on to the University of Washington, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in English with an emphasis in creative writing. After that, he earned his Juris Doctor degree with an emphasis in international legal affairs from Cornell Law School. In 2016, he passed the New York State Bar Exam, rumored to be one of the most difficult exams in the nation. He now works as an associate attorney at Connors, LLP in Buffalo, New York.

He credits his success, in part, to the solid foundation he gained at Centralia College.

“My experience at CC was overall very positive,” he said. “The campus’ appealing design and proximity to my home were ideal, and it was never difficult to find answers to any questions I had.”

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